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Every seriously aspiring business needs an efficient computer network, and any network like this, no matter what the size, needs similarly efficient firewalls. This is because firewalls form your network's primary defence against online security risks, and can therefore considerably boost your peace of mind concerning your network security. FourNetworks' Consulting provide a wide range of network security firewall solutions, including network security consulting, firewall consulting, configuration, installation, audits and troubleshooting.

All of these services can play their part in ensuring that your firewalls are operating reliably, and unlikely to be beset by unexpected technical glitches. Our team is knowledgeable, for instance, about renowned firewall appliances:



Many companies can lack internal staff knowledgeable about certain types of firewalls, or may desire a second opinion on their firewall strategy, configuration and/or design - in which case, our firewall consulting services can be immeasurably useful.


On the other hand, mere advice on a network firewall setup may not be enough for your business - in which case, you can also take advantage of our configuration and installation services. Whether your company's data centre is located in the Canada, US,  it is likely that our thoroughly experienced staff will be able to design, configure and install firewalls at any given location.


Firewall Design, Configuration and Management Review


FourNetworks' Consultants will perform a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s firewall management processes and firewall network design. The information uncovered during the Firewall Design, Configuration and Management Review will serve as background for each Firewall Assessment Service. Key components and objectives of the review,


Firewall Security Assessment


The FourNetworks' Firewall Assessment Service (“FAS”) addresses the complex configurations of today’s firewall environment. FAS was created to assist organizations with internal and regulatory compliance  requirements regarding firewall audits and policy review, provide administrators with information to help troubleshoot rulebase issues, help identify risks to the security of protected environments and help bring order to an otherwise chaotic rulebase.


FourNetworks Consultants brings deep experience in the industry and an intimate knowledge of the controls required to achieve compliance with prominent standards.


Firewall Assessment Services Overview


Whereas firewall administrators typically spend countless hours analyzing rulebases and determining the requirements for each rule, our FAS service takes a top-down risk-based approach. We take a comprehensive look at the firewall implementation, from its underlying hardware and software configuration to the network placement, rule implementation  and management practices. This helps you more effectively manage future rule changes, promoting more efficient and cost effective firewall administration.


Standard Firewall Assessment


A standard security assessment of the rulebase analyzes each rule against the rule of least privilege, pinpoints temporary, unused or overly loose rules and assigns security risks where needed. This assessment takes into account the asset values of the systems involved, attack vectors and other threats and any existing vulnerability known with the systems involved.


One of the underlying principles in rule design is known as the principle of least privilege. This principle ensures that a rule is constructed so it only provides the minimum access required to perform an operation or meet a business need. The Standard Firewall Assessment uses the principle of least privilege as a guide for uncovering the following:


Promiscuous Rules


Rules allowing more access than necessary to

meet business requirements.


Shadowed Rules


Rules that are incorrectly ordered in the firewall rulebase and as a result prevent the execution of other rules. For example, a rule permitting access to a server appearing before a rule denying access to the server from the same source will alter the intent of the proposed rule and increase risk exposure.


Redundant Rules


Rules that duplicate all or a portion of the access allowed or denied by other rules. For example, a rule providing access to a system over a specific port is redundant when another rule already exists allowing that access due to the port’s assignment in a service container or group.

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