As wireless technology advances and wireless applications become more critical to business operations, the need for professional RF wireless engineering services grows. Enterprises, service providers and system integrators count on FourNetworks’ wireless design and RF network engineering services to ensure that whatever wireless technology they

select, their wireless networks are fully capable of supporting the application requirements.

You can rely on FourNetworks' decades of experience in wireless engineering services and wireless network installation services. FourNetworks' professionals will support you to plan and deploy mobile cellular in-building solutions, WiFi networks and wireless IoT solutions, and 4G/5G wireless backhaul links. And our RF consultants will support your in-house RF engineering teams as trusted partners for wireless surveys, interference hunting, and on-site measurements.

A well engineered, designed and deployed wireless infrastructure is essential for the successful exchange of information and resource mobility.


With the advent of smartphones and tablets, you can now increase your organization’s efficiency and productivity. FourNetworks' professional services will help you perform a site survey and evaluate and integrate your wireless infrastructure to maximize the benefits of wireless technology for your company. We listen carefully to your needs before proceeding to set up a fast and secure wireless network (Wi-Fi). 

Plus, we provide all the advice and guidance necessary to maintain the reliability and optimal performance of your wireless infrastructure network at each stage of the implementation process.


The following is an overview of FourNetworks' Wireless consulting services:


  • Site survey and planning

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) planning

  • Solutions integration

  • Architecture of complex wireless networks