WiFi Design

Designing an enterprise wireless network requires a lot more than just plugging in router like at home.  WiFi knowledge and site-specific information / requirements are needed to complete a proper WiFi Design.

FourNetworks Inc. WiFi Design


FourNetworks Inc. WiFi Design Consultation

Design is the most crucial phase in a WiFi project’s life cycle. Before that can even begin, WiFi networking experts need to be consulted. Here at FourNetworks, our networking experts offer a wide range of expertise to make sure your project starts on the right foot.

  • Guide the information gathering process

  • Discuss network needs and requirements

  • Offer compliance advice

  • Conduct network validations

  • Create project plans, timelines, and budget estimates

Site Planning & Design

FourNetworks Inc. WiFi Site Planning and Design

After gathering information about the kind of network to be implemented and how it will be used, designing the WiFi network can begin. This is a very involved process that requires predictive planning and on-site surveying to verify.

  • Help plan timelines

  • Estimate pricing

  • Provide Scope of Work

  • Existing network validations

  • Predictive site surveys

WiFi Site Surveys

Following the inventory and the initial design, site surveys are conducted to further enhance the design development for each building. These surveys are used to determine optimal access point (AP) placement based on expected usage.

  • Provide level of effort / quote for pre-deployment site survey / access point on a stick (APaoS) survey

  • Conduct onsite survey to determine access point counts and locations

  • Generate WiFi design report with access point locations, equipment needed

  • Finalize level of effort / quote for installation and equipment

  • Have project discussion meeting to confirm timeline for install

FourNetworks Inc. WiFi Site Surveys