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Designing and deploying an effective IDS/IPS solution is an extremely complex task for any organization. FourNetworks has extensive experience and expertise in the implementation of IDS/IPS solutions at both network and host level, and has several complex deployments under its belt.  Drawing from our ever-growing expertise, developed through our networking and security labs. We are uniquely poised to design and implement for you an effective IDS/IPS solution no matter how complex or dispersed your environment is.

FourNetworks Inc. Intrusion Detection

Our host and network IDS/IPS solutions will protect you against known and unknown threats, eliminate vulnerabilities and prevent unwanted intrusions while combining seamless integration in your existing infrastructure. Our approach to deploying an IDS/IPS solution begins with a detailed examination of your network design and services running on critical systems.  Based on your input, we will then determine which business resources are critical, and will assess the vulnerabilities of these resources as well as current security requirements and policies.


This assessment will lead us to a solution design, depicting the network and host-based IDS/IPS sensors required to meet your needs. Critical part of the implementation phase of an IDS/IPS solution is the formulation and deployment of the IDS/IPS security policy, which is applied via the solution’s central management system. Due to the fact that it is difficult to readily determine within an operational environment which traffic is legitimate and which may not be, experience, effort, and diligence is required in applying and twigging a policy on each sensor so that it does not adversely affect operations by blocking legitimate traffic, while minimizing false positives. Going a step further, we will configure the solution to generate those alerts, logs and reports required to enable you to swiftly take remedial action and produce the reports required by internal and external auditors.

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