Digital Signage - Design

Building Digital Display.png

FourNetworks' visionary designers, along with it's partners have the knowledge and imagination to create breathtaking digital displays – visions which are brought to life by the company’s leading-edge manufacturing facility.

Our partner's manufacturing facility houses the latest technologies which are used to build stunning piece of digital furniture that were once thought impossible and that rivals still struggle to emulate. It is in those facilities that many ground-breaking concepts are crafted and molded into workable displays that are designed to function at peak performance year after year.

The manufacturing and testing facilities have the capacity to assemble and fully test all types of displays, from low volume runs to the larger, repeatable quantities required by some customers. Our teams can handle every aspect of the process, from initial concepts and development to manufacturing and testing to the highest Quality Standards. The FourNetworks Digital Display Teams work extremely close to our manufacturing partners to ensure the highest products are delivered.

Our Digital Signage workforce includes experienced field and operations staff who are trained on all aspects of assembly display and highly skilled test technicians. The team is made up of Engineering Specialists, Master Electricians, Network designers, Digital Display Experts and Installation & operations technicians. The joint efforts of the design, installation and maintenance teams ensure that every unit installed conforms to the exacting standards expected by FourNetworks and our customers.

In addition to designing, installing, operating and maintaining FourNetworks' existing range of support vendor products, our dedicated staff are constantly training on and testing  innovative new products which in the near future will dazzle audiences with spectacular digital advertising displays in unusual and imaginative locations.