Build & Install WiFi

Whether you are building a WiFi network from scratch or updating / fixing an existing one, know what is involved. Make sure the equipment is configured properly, lay the cable backbone, and verify!

Hardware Configuration


Based on the equipment used and the WiFi design being implemented, the site hardware must be configured correctly before installation. This ensures that engineers can test and verify the network once installed.

  • Knowledge is vendor / equipment specific

  • Ensures network requirements can be met

  • Adjustments can be made during / after installation as needed

Cabling and Hardware Installation


The next step in the installation phase is the installation of all the network equipment, including APs, switches, cables, and various other pieces of network hardware. All of the hardware is installed using the design plans from the site survey to provide the best WiFi coverage throughout an area.

  • Run Cables, Conduit, and Power

  • Install Access Points, Telcom Closets, and Necessary Ports

  • Adapt Changes to Adhere to WiFi Design

  • Provide proper labeling, documenting, and placement of equipment for easier changes / upgrades in the future

Cutover and Verification


The cutover process is specific to a project with an upgrade. It is the last step in the install phase as it is the transition from the existing network to the newly redesigned network. During the cutover, there will be brief interruptions in connectivity due to the disconnection of the previous network.

  • Keep network interruptions as brief as possible

  • Verify WiFi Design with Post-Site Surveys

  • Make configuration changes when necessary

  • Clean up work areas

  • Provide further training and suggestions